“English Club” Reading Workshop

“English Club” is the name with which we dub the new and original reading workshop offered by the Public Library Network at Vitoria-Gasteiz for the 2014/2015 academic year.

We are presented with a new chance for initiating young learners into the pleasure of reading altogether with the challenge of turning their relationship with their foreign language -English- into an emotional bond.

(Image: Reading tent, The bliss project)

(Image: Reading tent, The bliss project)

The target public for the 2014 “English Club” are 5th and 6th grade students at the local Spanish/Basque (mostly) bilingual schools. The workshop is structured in six correlative sessions, one per month, at El Pilar Public library in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Pre-enrolment is needed and can be done through the following link:

Reading Workshop: “English Club”
: Luciana Serra
Where?: C.C. El Pilar
Age: 5º – 6º Educación Primaria
When?: 2º Saturday of e
ach month (6 sessions)
1st session: October 11, 2014
Members: 3,6 €
Non-members: 6 €
Organization: Public Library Network
Enrol here


Reading encouragement for youths


Since my good friend Lola mentioned it, I started going through the picture publications at WeHeartIt, now and then. A soothing activity that tells you a lot about how global society lives nowadays. I found it to be somewhat like Pinterest, but with even less words, just images.

I have to recognize that, depending on the day, I may relax visiting We Heart It by feeling I’m not doing exactly anything or, on the contrary, I may get overstressed by the sight of an infinite parade of slim youngsters in their underwear, tossed with witty phrases.

Among these, I saw that there exist several publications of this kind linked to literature. Most of them aren’t related to classics, but to popular up-to-date bestsellers. And that’s where my light bulb started working. Using catchy images and phrases linked to the art of reading and the joy it brings may help creating a new feeling of belonging, something lost for many youths these days (or at least that’s my feeling in Spain).