Tiger roars creativity

Everybody I know in Vitoria is going crazy for Tiger. Be it because they have children at home, or simply because they have a home at all. Tiger is for most people “the new store opposite the post-office”, but for teachers and creative minds, it is a parallel universe.

Take this DIY memory game. I had promised my 7 year-old groups at school that if they made the effort to speak English in class I’d show up with a surprise.

So I went to Tiger and spent a whole hour choosing the best idea. But there are hundreds of them! It was really difficult not to buy them all!
There are these paper dolls with assorted cloth items, there are design plasticine sets, original activity books, there are these rubber stamps with house and furniture pictures… and loads of nourishing ideas!

I decided on the memory game, as a team work. I’d give each child four square pieces for them to draw two pairs of objects. It was useful to review vocabulary and spelling, and most of all, to make them believe that, all together, they were able to create a bigger whole than the mere sum of the parts.

Now, this small box containing 44 blank pieces could be used in many ways. I imagine that someone with more patience than myself could create an amazing mandala mosaic.

Moreover, each storyteller could draw or even stick suggestive pictures and combine the pieces to form numberless stories, much in the fashion of Gianni Rodari in his Grammar of Fantasy.