2014 Jar of Good Things

2014 Jar of Good Things

2014 Jar of Good Things

I found this idea at Pinterest and thought it was a great DIY gift for every year to come!

I have already virtually given it to all of my friends, but if you have the chance, make sure you take one to your beloved ones!

The Jar of Good Things is easily adaptable for the classroom, it could be used as a class diary or as a lay present for all families.

Write, draw, make pictures, include all that moves you during this year and make it a tradition for your children.

And most of all… ENJOY!


Christmas Carol pop-up edition

December 19, five days to go for your chimney to get swept. If you are a busy parent or/and  a busy teacher you are probably wondering what else could you add to these holidays to be unique.

Give the Christmas Carol Pop-Up edition a try, popped up by Chuck Fisher and respectful of the original version written by Dickens. It also includes a special section with biographic notes.

The only condition to bear in mind is that the storyteller must be well aware of the story’s up and downs before retelling it, because the text, being too extensive, doesn’t provide us with any prompts to draw from.