At Tell-Tale What? we organize storytelling sessions built around the classics in English language adapted to a non-native public, especially to young children whose L1 is Spanish and/or Basque.

Storytelling is one of our ancient leisure activities and, long ago, it was more than that: oral literature has been the means through which nations remembered who they were, the stream of identity that flowed from one generation to the other much earlier than written word could settle.


“The Storyteller” by Howard Terpning

Nowadays, that every need is turned into an app, and that we are encouraged to learn distant languages for a better adaptation to the environment (global environment, that is), storytelling still is the nexus with our ancient world and it is up to us that we rediscover its antique meaning.

Children still hold in their nature the capacity of marveling at spoken word. Let’s explore that ability and nourish their thoughts with the most emblematic stories in English language ever written.


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