About Luciana Serra

Uzt'12 006 That’s me!

I´m a book devourer as I´m sure many of you are, that’s the beginning.

Loving books took me to love words and the art of saying the same thing in as many kaleidoscopic configurations as possible.

When I was 19 years old I coordinated my first Creative Writing workshop for children in Spanish, in Argentina. It was one of the most exciting activities I was ever involved in. Loved those children and their fruitful minds!

During the last fifteen years, my regular job has been the teaching of English as a foreign language to Spanish and Basque speakers. That experience got me once again into the path of experimenting with creative writing and creative listening, so to speak; now mingling TEFL and story-telling/making.

That same mixed interest took me to pursue English Studies at UNED while living in the Basque Country.

Harry Potter Session at Ignacio Aldecoa Library, 2012

Harry Potter Session at Ignacio Aldecoa Library, 2012

In the year 2011 the Story-Making Sessions cycle took form and has been going on at the Ignacio Aldecoa Culture Centre in  Vitoria-Gasteiz since then.

Following this idea, I am positively confident about Tell-Tale What? It is a wonderful idea for children to get to love literature in its original form, loving the words the writers themselves chose in their mother tongue.

If some of these children, at least a few of them, get home desiring to write a story in their own language, I’ll be more than pleased.

Contact me for more information: artizar.lit@gmail.com 


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