Reading encouragement for youths


Since my good friend Lola mentioned it, I started going through the picture publications at WeHeartIt, now and then. A soothing activity that tells you a lot about how global society lives nowadays. I found it to be somewhat like Pinterest, but with even less words, just images.

I have to recognize that, depending on the day, I may relax visiting We Heart It by feeling I’m not doing exactly anything or, on the contrary, I may get overstressed by the sight of an infinite parade of slim youngsters in their underwear, tossed with witty phrases.

Among these, I saw that there exist several publications of this kind linked to literature. Most of them aren’t related to classics, but to popular up-to-date bestsellers. And that’s where my light bulb started working. Using catchy images and phrases linked to the art of reading and the joy it brings may help creating a new feeling of belonging, something lost for many youths these days (or at least that’s my feeling in Spain).

Phrases like “Never judge the book by its movie” or “The man who never reads lives only once” are excellent brainstorming for a Reading Workshop session. And when they come together with the right package, i.e. a great photoshop frame, they are sure to work with adolescents used to such media.

(Download the complete Slideshare file at )


How do you think you could use such a challenging statement?



  1. In the end it’s all about marketing and its 4 P’s:
    – Product. You need a product good enough so you can have your students demanding it once they have tried it. And in my (non educational professional) point of view you may have found it.
    – Promotion. How you make it visible. First that “great photoshop frame” but you also need people to know where can they found that “frame”.
    – Place. It is a good idea. But this idea needs to be developed in the correct atmosphere. I cannot imagine your idea successing in the traditional Spanish Educational System. Probably workshops out from the regular school schedule. I don’t know. As I told you before: I am not qualified enough to tell you where to apply your method.
    – Price. Unfortunately, money rules the world. Finding the price that fits your needs and that parents would pay for a service like this is one of the most difficult things. But don’t give up! It is always the most difficult P to solve and many business and self employed people have dealt with it. All the best!!

    Business view for an educational issue. I hope you have enjoyed!

    1. Thanks for your contribution, it’s a really interesting point of view.
      As a matter of fact, this workshop has already been “purchased” by Vitoria – Gasteiz public library network and scheduled for the next academic year. In this and the following posts I’m just trying to organize my ideas, just in case they are of any help for other teachers and storytellers.
      Anyway, I’ll go over your comment again and see if I can apply it to any subsequent workshops,

      1. Awesome! Congratulations !!
        It has to be hard to get that purchase.
        Sorry! I thought you were thinking about developing an idea but… YOU ALREADY MADE IT!
        Just trying to apply my business knowledge.
        So, if you have your idea approved (and it seems to be a good idea) I will be waiting for your review.
        And we will really appreciate any contribution you make regarding to your know-how.

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